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  4. When I was 12, I signed up to be in the school choir. My voice had not changed yet and I sang soprano. Not only was I the only boy in the choir, but I had the highest voice. As a result, the choir director had me sing a solo song at a recital: the Theme From Ice Castles, aka Through the Eyes of Love. 

    It was a very popular song. Ice Castles was a popular movie a few years before and you could still hear the song played regularly on the radio. It was sung by Melissa Manchester. 


    The choir director began playing the piano accompaniment and I walked in front of the choir onstage. I sang the song into the microphone. I could hear my voice soaring and I felt free, like a bird that had been let out of a cage. I felt all inhibitions I had ever had cast aside and I felt myself singing as though my voice were not mine, but that of Melissa Manchester herself.  

    I looked out into the audience and made eye contact with my dad. He looked mortified. His mouth was open about half and inch and I could see both rows of teeth. His eyes were wide open and unblinking. He looked as if he was watching me being murdered. 

    Why isn’t he happy to hear me singing this song? I wondered. It just didn’t make any sense. 

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  7. There’s a lot going on here.

    There’s a lot going on here.

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